Design & Layout

We will help you assess your needs
and find a setup that will work for you.

Struggling with your current setup? We can help you get lighting and ventilation dialed in.

Growing Support

We love new growers. Our focus is on helping your garden succeed. We can answer your garden questions, help find suitable nutrients and feeding schedules, as well as help with pest control.

Local & Sustainable

We believe in keeping it local and sustainable.
We do our best to source local products to support other small businesses and reduce the need for excess shipping.

Complete Grow Setups

We can help you pick the right setup for your needs or help you design a custom setup.


Everyone has there own preferences when it comes to nutrients. We do our best to cover all the bases.

Growing Media

From locally sourced soils to hydroponic setups we carry a wide variety of growing medias.


Just a few of our first setups

I am so excited about my new grow tent from 928 Grow.  I’m already poppin’ seeds and ready to grow.


I work nights and gardening isnt really an option with my schedule.  The setup I got from 928 Grow has helped me to get back into gardening  on my schedule. 


Experienced Grower

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